Is it normal that I think that if you are on a dating site there's something wrong with you?

Ok so this is a werid, random and maybe a little bit of a offensivequestion. I'm mot tryimg to be offensive I just wanna know if anyone else thinks this way. Me and my bestfriend were drinking at her house and we were being drunk and stupid. So we made fake accounts on POF since were both single. Mine was of her hers was on mine. We were just being dumb not really the point.

The next day tho I never deleted mine I just kinds looked around and saw that my ex boyfriend was on there and his headline thing was looking for friends with benefits and nsa. And I was like makes since he's a whore but then everyone else on there just seemed desprste to me or had other issues, like insecure, weird as fuck stuff like that.

I know noones perfect but everyone just seemed to have one thing in common to me desperate. I don't know why I see people on dsting sites desperate and I'm wondering if other people see people as this? I also saw this guy I liked on there and didn't expect to see him on a dating site amd I no he lacks a little bit of self confidence even though I think he's hot as fuck. It made me start thinking maybe there's other things wrong with him.

I don't know why I think this way! I'm not shallow if I never saw them on the dating site I would have thought that but to me dating sites just seem like the last staw to people who join them? I'm I just stupid for thimking like this? Or are they considered a place fpr desprste ppl?


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  • It's normal to think that, yes; most people abhor Online dating, Online relationships, long distance relationships, and other things that are different to them. It's also best practice to remember Mrs. Hare's advice, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all".


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  • yes youre a bitch for thinking like that. thats why youre single. ;) this is the TRUTH: ppl go on dating sites cuz theyre too scared to meet up with strangers in real life and do the EXACT same thing. some ppl are just too shy to do that, even if theyre a hot guy like the one u saw. its not cuz theyre desperate and on their last straw, u bitch. oh and youre obv a shallow bitch too cuz u said u liked the hot guy. i wonder why. ;) im not trying to be offensive, but youre just a bitch. period.


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  • i was on pof for a while. met more creepy guys who only wanted sex than nice ones who wanted a relationship. I think pof is just more attractive overall because of all the features that are free vs. other sites you usually have to pay.

    i don't do online dating out of desperation. I'm just shy and introverted and find it easier to express myself online. then, once I'm ready, I'll meet them in person.