Should I kiss him? guys, please give me advice, girls too lol

so, I really like this guy and I think that he is at least a little bit interested in me. I want him to kiss me so badly, but he is kind of shy, and I don't think that he will. how can I make the first move, or how could I get him to kiss me?


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  • Ok this is coming from me the shyiest guy anyone has ever know lol this girl I was talking to I liked a lot but didn't have the guts to kiss her you know how she made it easier for me ... lol she said kisss me lol I was like thank god she ask or elsa was not happening lol

  • I think since he is shy, you should gradually escalate. First, you should just kiss him on the cheek for a few times you see him. Then, see how he responds to the kiss. Then, when you or he is ready, you should stare into his eyes and hopefully he will get the idea that you want him to kiss you and then close your eyes and lean into him and he will probably follow and kiss you. jmo.


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