Can you tell if you will never fall in love with someone you are dating?

Or do you fall in love with them all eventually? If you do decide to pursue a relationship beyond just dating.


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  • This really depends on how you classify love. I used to have a similar confusion. The closest thing to love I felt was with a guy that was very wrong for me. After coming out of a LTR with him I realized that I could develop those feelings for pretty much anyone. That that was only one aspect of love. The partnership/friend/allies part. Now I think that love has many parts and it's rare to find all parts. I'm willing to compromise on the physical attraction part but I know that it makes the relationship a little unstable. In reality I may never marry until I find all parts in the one person but try not to waste too much time where I am attached but there's a vital part completely missing. If you ask me true love is about as likely as winning the lotto. Seen as there are so many life long marriages there's proof that people can be happy with an incomplete love. What you have to ask yourself is if you are one of them and if not if you can be equally happy with the likelihood of spending your life alone.


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  • Yes I can... after spending time together and if I must be attracted to him.

    Whether its physical attraction, mental attractions, if I'm attracted to him because of his looks, or his mind. I will know.

    I can't waist my time nor there's because I know I can never love him.

  • i can tell when I meet someone dating or ot. I've never been wrong and its never gone from won't fall in love, to do fall in love.. for me it happens very quickly and very, VERY, rarely.

  • It will happen at the weirdest time and fast. It doesn't always have to be someone your dating. I fell in love with my best friend. It kind of sucked