If a guy your dating takes ages to text back but you see him on Fb/Twitter?

So I've been seeing a guy for a long time now, we've both admitted we really like each other and haven't slept together yet. We text pretty much everyday but It takes ages for him to text back and what annoys me the most is that I see him writing tweets on twitter or he'll be on Facebook but won't have responded to my text. I know he doesn't completely hate texting either cause he used to text me all the time in the early days of getting to know each other. I know everyone needs there space and I'm not expecting him to text back every hour of the day but he must know I can see him on fb/twitter so why does he not text back! He always says he's too busy with work which I understand but I just feel that he's choosing to be on social sites over me when has explained how many times he likes me and wants to see me which I don't understand! Shall I just assume he's not that interested or is he?


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  • The whole point of texting is that it gives you time to reply, to think of the right thing, to reply when you're good and ready...

    If you want immediacy, make a damn phone call. Texting is designed to be asynchronous.


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  • Its pretty obvious that you are not his only interest.


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  • This is totally OK. Sometimes I also get a text from someone, I read it and I think I'll reply to that person later..I tweet things etc but it really doesn't mean that I am not interested in that person.I just do it because I don't know lol haha. Don't take it personal :)

  • Calm down, it's pretty normal. Guys normally are bad at texting as long as he replys you it is fine..