Talking about how he wants to date, but not me?

So one of my friends from work IM'd me the other day and was complaining about his life. We talk, but not often. He kept talking about how he really wants this girl at work and can't ask her out. I thought it was me until I asked him what he has done to show interest. It was most definetely not me at all. So why would a guy (or man I should say as he is older than me) keep talking about how lonely he is to a somewhat random girl if he is not interested?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why? Well, you said it yourself: he's a friend. He feels comfortable talking about this to you, because you're his friend and because he's not romantically interested in you, he doesn't feel the need to impress you by pretending to have no weaknesses or sadness.

    • I suppose I just have had guys use that as a beating around the bush kinda thing.

What Girls Said 1

  • he thinks you're a friend he can confide in, he could tell his best friends but they don't (I think) work with him like you do so you can relate more to him. maybe he hopes you'll try to hook them up by hinting to the girl