Is it bad when a girl who is being asked someplace asks if it is a date or going as friends?

So this has happened on a number of occasions. Usually when I ask a girl out on a date, she asks me if it's a date or a normal hang out as friends. So then, I explain and that is sometimes followed by a no or a yes and then it sizzles down to nothing. So I have been brought up to know that is usually a bad thing when a woman asks that. What should my answer usually be to something like that if a girl asks that? Should I normally just say it's a hangout? Why do girls ask that?


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  • Try compromising, with a sweet smile and say,"Let's find out." She may giggle a little, and ask it again, as she is calling you a "joker" to your adoring face. Then, when the laughter settles, answer her with: "Nothing too fancy, our first time hanging, so dress causally. But maybe on our First date, we can dress up and go somewhere nice."

    This will also give her a boost of encouragement that there is going to be a next------time.:))xx

    • also, never take a woman's advice on women. They don't just lie to you and me about what they choose in a mate, they lie to themselves about it too.


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  • Simple. When a girl asks you this, say "I would like to get to know you better. We will see how it goes."

  • I would stick with the term hanging out