Should I play this slowly?

I recently stopped talking to a woman I had been dating. Upon doing so, I text the woman I was talking to last summer. When I did, she was like 'crazy to see your name pop up, almost text you a bunch of times recently'. So I told her, maybe we can get together sometime. Few days later, I get a hope your week is going well text, that was yesterday. So I know I'm on her mind at least. I know there is no magic number of wait this long, do this, that and this other thing and... But should I be trying to talk to her daily, or keep it slow, as in every couple days? When I asked her out for coffee the other day, she said she'd think about it, then she text me wishing me a good week. Should have probably asked about it then, but I didn't. Anyways, your thoughts are appreciated. Know how to interact with a new woman, but a woman I talked to daily for months last summer I'm not quite sure


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  • For me...and I have even posted a question. I need the interest to be shown. So yes text her, we get happy to see a text. Keep it light tho-the more I see a text the more I know they are into me, and I freak out to why aren't they texting!


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  • Ask her one more time whenever you feel like it as to if she'd like coffee. If she doesn't reply, cut her off because she's gonna try to use you for attention via text. Many girls do this. They love talking and texting and all that but when it comes to being the real deal, they aren't. If she turns you down and keeps trying to talk to you it means she's trying to hold onto your attention.