What's wrong with my Google Hangouts?

I have a work email set up through gmail and all of my colleagues are there on my Hangouts chat list, showing if they're online. Today, it's showing a few people online, however when I try to chat with one of them, clicking their name doesn't open chat, it doesn't do anything. Even when I try to manually click the "Chat with this Contact" button, it doesn't work then either. It's only doing this with that one user, but is still showing that user is online and available for chat. It's working fine with all of the other users. Does this mean that user has blocked me from chatting, or does it mean something is buggy with Hangouts right now? I tried signing in and out, it still doesn't work.


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  • It may be one of two things, it could be that the lines between where the server location and your location could be effected such as a break in the lines (Which can be the case due to construction or another incident), or you may have a virus in your computer and it's causing your computer to not open certain things.


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  • try restarting your computer or it might just be a google problem