Has the student fling fizzled out? Advice please xoxo

I've been at university now for 6 months- ever since our Halloween flat party I've been kind of back and forth with this guy from the floor below. He'd ask me down to watch movies and then I'd end up staying the night- we'd do stuff but I've not had sex with him. It was like that for 2 months and then we went on Christmas break. We live in the same city but I heard pretty much nothing from him and never saw him over Christmas. By the time term resumed last week I was pretty sure that was the end of it- but on the second night we'd all been out to a club (we have close friend groups) and I ended up going back to his. This was a week ago and although I've seen him around- I Haven't heard from him- is it time for me to move on or just hang around for a little longer. I'm not even sure what I want from this guy in relationship terms. I just kind of want a little bit more security from him so that I won't just get tossed away. It'll be difficult either way since I see quite a lot of him around campus and on nights out. Any advice is welcome, please help! XXXXX


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  • Maybe you have to ask him? Ask him out for a cup of coffee at a campus shop...look him in the eye and ask if he wants to move the friendship to another level? You will never know unless you ask and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Is he shy? A virgin? ( Are you?) He may be intimidated or not sure what to do next. If you are comfortable in approaching him then take the initiative. You never said if you like him. Do you? Do you want sex with him if you became a couple?

    He may be confused or caught up in the campus shuffle/studies ( I have been there). Perhaps you can give him a bit of "direction" if that is what YOU want. Let me know how things work out. It could be fun!

    • We spoke about it last night, apparently his last relationship ended badly (didn't give many details), he isn't that shy and no...not a virgin and I'm not one either. I do like him but I'm wary incase I get too involved and then get tossed aside- that's happened before. And if we became a couple yes, sex is part of an intimate relationship. Don't know if that helps any further... thanks for you comment its been helpful


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  • theres a high chance its never going to ammount to anything more than a fling.

    Once the guy has got you, if he makes no more effort or suddenly reduces the amount of effort he's making then he has no intentions of making it anything more.

  • The problem is you yourself don't know what you want. If you want a long term relationship, make it clear to the guy. Don't have sex with him because of hormones/raging passion unless you want a short term fling.

    So far it seems like the guy hasn't put too much effort into wooing you. He's probably looking for a short term thing (assuming he's not shy).


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