Difference between makeout kiss & real kissing.

So last week I hung out with my friend from high school. we had history in the past and we always would fool around and stuff. I had this feeling I wanted to kiss him I mean really kiss him. so we were on the couch watching Runner Runner. I told him that I really want to kiss you. and it wasn't more of a kiss kiss I think it was a make-out kiss. Now I am seeing him again I want to ask if the kiss really meant anything to him or it was just a one time thing. I just got out of a relationship like 2 weeks ago. I'm trying to date people I don't know from friends or that I went to school with. so what happens if we kiss again tonight because I am going to see him. I want to talk to him about it. sorry I am a little nervous because I don't know what to do!

Well now he texted me back saying that he isn't sure about hanging out and all. So I guess it's a no I think we both found out what is best for us.
I am good now i can move on it made my day crazy with the girl and him included


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  • 1. I think you may be over thinking this

    2. Show him how you want to be kissed by kissing him that way

    3. Makeout kissing tends to be more intense, but everyone seems to want to start there when they have no experience. But what is it that you mean when you say "kiss kiss" and "makeout kiss?"


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  • Well, what are your definitions of a "make out kiss" and a "kiss kiss" . My definition may be different than yours.


  • nothing

  • sorry to hear that its his loss totally


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