How should your first kiss be?

So just a few hours ago I got my first kiss, and frankly I was pretty disappointed and I'm not sure why. I was wondering what is a kiss suppose to be like because I felt nothing. Was it just because there was no passion (I'm not sure if I really love the guy) or was it because after watching so many movies I expected something else? How did you feel about your first kiss?


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  • I think everyones first kisses are a major let down for many reasons

    Of course the movies make it look amazing!

    People are thinking too much about what they need to be doing rather than actually doing anything and that definitely shows in a kiss.

    You have already got past the first kiss so the next should be less nerving and should be much better.

    The less you think about technique and more about the person receiving the kiss the better the kiss will be. I don't feel that kissing is like sex meaning I don't think you need to be totally in love for it to be great! Some of the best kisses are from people that we may only kiss once!


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  • If you expected it to explosive and passionate like in the movies you should also expect to be let down a *lot*.

    I think a kiss is 'supposed to be' a certain way based on the person your with and what they mean to you. If its just a one night fling hook up its probably going to be a lot more lustful than anything. If its someone you like romantically then its probably going to be a bit more passionate.

    If its someone that doesn't really mean anything to you, the kiss is likely not really going to mean anything either. My first kiss was certainly nothing amazing, but I really liked the girl so it was a good heads up that things were going in the right direction.


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  • Ha. Everyone's first kiss is usually disappointing. I mean , imagine if you lost your first kiss when you were running in the corridor and as you turned a corner , you smashed into a guy you didn't even know. That's how I lost mine. Which is really just sad. But now I am friends with the guy and we both agreed on We-Never-Kissed.

    My "proper and wanted" kiss wasn't anything special. I felt a cross between "Omg YAY and OMG We're in Class stupid".

    Either way , even if you kissed a stranger you would feel at least a little bit of happiness right? And then you'd pull back and kick the stranger but oh well.

  • Hmm. My first kiss was what I call "retarded" I mean it was good and it felt really really good everywhere haha BUT it was meaningless. The whole time I was like why am I doing this, I hardly like this guy. But ya know at least you finally kissed somebody :D CONGRATS

  • first kisses are usually not as good as expected, because you're right, people compare them to movie kisses. Of course your first kiss won't be amazing because usually you are worried about what to do, how to kiss, where to put your hands, is he enjoying this.etc. but once you feel comfortable about what you are doing it gets much better and you can enjoy it. just relax and remember practice makes perfect :P

    For my first kiss I was so nervous and afterwards I felt stupid and didn't think I kissed well at all, but then it got much better over time. I was disappointed like you because people make it out that first kisses are special and I had hoped for more but now I look at it as a kiss to slowly build your confidence for the next kiss lol