I don't know if I should date him or not?

theres tis guy tha tused to be a friend´s boyfriend. she went back to Europe where she lives and their relationship kept going. we were as close as you could get with a semester time span.

now I saw him at a party and he told me how they broke up and she got jealous becuase he rebounded. but then he kept flirting with me and he asked me out on Friday. I thought he was just desperate but he kept talking to me saying cute things and I know he's the type of guy that would rather have a girlfriend than random girls.

what would you do if you were me, would you date him or not?


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  • The decision is yours no matter what. I suggest you talk it over with your friend that moved away if you are still communicating. She may have had a great relationship with this great guy but life got in the way when she had to return home thus separating the two of them. Your friend may actually approve knowing both friends may find happiness that wasn't meant to be when she had to separate from him. Even if she doesn't approve you still have the right to pursue your happiness and your friend that moved away may have insight about him you don't know that will allow you to be better informed to decide to date or not to date. Open communication with friends and making the best decision for you to be happy is my suggestion. This way you choose for yourself and if it becomes a mistake it will be your mistake that educates you and makes you stronger, not someone else. Good luck.


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  • It sure sounds like the girl was right..he was rebounding, and still is. I'd be careful with him until you're sure he is over his ex girl friend. I'd ask friends to go with you on Friday and go out in a group, and you can ask yoour friends' opinions about the guy.

  • If you want to keep your friendship with this girl, talk to your friend and get her blessing (aka her saying she's OK with it) BEFORE you go out with him!


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