How do I survive a movie date?

This guy asked me out to the movies and said yes.we talk in person sometimes but it gets some of those awkward moments. He says he's gonna kiss me at the movies. I don't know what to do. What do I wear? what to bring? Do I bring a purse? If so what do I put in it. How do I act with him? To I pay attention to the movie or him? I don't know! I've never been on a movie date. So help me. Tell me everything I need to know. (I'm 17 we are both in high school, and we know each other pretty well)

I like him a lot and he likes me


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  • Wear something you feel cute and confident in, as well as something that is comfortable. I always layer for the theatre because I freeze in there! What would you normally bring if you went to the movies? Do you normally carry a purse? Just bring what you would bring if you were going to the movies with your girlfriends. You should be prepared to pay your own way, but don't be surprised if he offers, and if he offers, graciously accept. As far as what to pay attention to, small talk is OK before the movie starts, but once it does, be curtious of other viewers and pay attention to the flick. There are ways to pay attention to him and still watch the movie like holding hands, or putting your hand on his leg, or your head on his shoulder. Have fun!


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  • Just relax and enjoy the movie. Wear something informal..jeans are fine..and you can always push him away if you don't want to kiss during the movie.

    I'd insist on paying your own way or he'll think he's bought the right to neck with you during the movie!

  • do you like him? like you want to kiss him like him? if the answer is no, I would back out of this. if yes, just go and be yourself.


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