Is age just a number? or is it just a saying...

I have a best guy friend who has started a new relationship with a girlhe's a Sr in hihighschool but...his new girl friend is in 8th grade..he likes her a lot but I feel bad for him because everyone gives him shit everyday like why is he babysitting or that he's so desperate he's dating a little girl people have even threatened him that they should call the cops for him dating an underage girl...I am very happy for them but at the same time I wonder if I should sit down with him and talk to him b4 it gets the cops involved.. I'm not sure what to do foe I can help or do I even need to get involved? I could use all the advice I can get!


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  • I believe age is just a number... when you're the appropriate age. I.E. When a 28 year old dates a 22 year old. He is 18 and she is 14 (or 17 and 13). Either way, this is a completely different age difference. This is a legal adult dating someone who is entering puberty. I don't think he should be dating her because she isn't at the right age. Now, if she was 18 and he was 22, things would be different, but he shouldn't be dating her. Technically speaking, the cops could get involved if they do anything. I've seen it in the past, girls play the victim scene so it WILL go in her favor if she decides to take action against him.


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  • Well, I believe that age is not nearly as important as overall maturity, and stage in one's life. For instance, a 25 year old dating a 15 year old would be a bit ridiculous, because at that point the 15 year old is almost guaranteed to be much less mature than the 25 year old, and they are at very different points in their lives and have very different things that they have to worry about. As for you're friend, I don't know him or his girlfriend, so I'm not really able to say whether their relationship is alright or not. A senior dating a middle school student does seem like a bit of a large age gap, but perhaps the middle school student is very mature, or maybe he's just not very grown up. Also, as long as they're not getting sexual, there isn't actually anything illegal about it, so you don't need to worry about getting the police involved.