Date in two hours! When should I kiss her?

I'm a sophomore in college. I first hung out with this girl last weekend and it went really well. She wants to see "Endless Love" tonight. I figure that movie will kind of prime her up for me in a sense. When should I kiss her? What do I need to know?

It turns out that it's getting moved to next weekend! Thanks for the help anyway!


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  • Hold her hand or let her sit on your lap and hug her.. let her know how you feel and what you love about her then see after her reaction :)


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  • If you want to play it safe and avoid the awkwardness, wait until the end of the night, when you're going separate ways anyway. You can try to hug her first, and before you let her go slowly lean in and kiss her. Works everytime!

    • Yeah, good thoughts. I'm thinking of waiting until a romantic part of the movie and then putting my arm around her. When they kiss in the movie, I'll give her a dorky look and go for it if I feel like it's a good idea.

What Guys Said 1

  • Cliché romance usually is a good doors for her...make sure you say she looks beautiful...when your in the movie out your arm around her...maybe kiss her head...and don't be afraid to kiss in the movie...because if it's good you'll get another at the end of the night...