Why do some guys still want to help out paying for the date even if we ask him out?

I have asked two guys out and even picked the restaurant but neither of them let me pay the whole thing (not even half of the price). I come from a wealthy family (both parents have an MD degree) so I got no problems paying but I guess some things just stay the same.

Long ago with guy 1, the price came out $28 and since he insisted on helping out, I only paid $6.

Guy 2, which was only a couple days ago I actually picked Reb Lobster and it came out $45. Again, he insisted on helping out with $35. I kind of felt bad. We're going to go out sometime next week but I guess now I'm going to make it simpler.

Both of them gave me the same reason of: You know, I didn't want to see you waste so much.


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  • Men are still being raised that if they don't take care of the woman, then he is a failure as a man. I am not bashing feminism here, but feminism has not done as much to change the way society judges men, like it as for women. If a man doesn't step up and fulfill his gender role, he is far more likely to be thought poorly of by the rest of society, than a woman that doesn't fulfill her gender role.

    There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, in gender equality. Unfortunately talking about male equality issues is a taboo subject, and the words get twisted into acting like the guy hates feminism and is a horrible person to women.

    • Sorry dude but there will never be gender equality at least not true equality the man has his place in the world and so does the women that will never change.


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  • I would think the woman would get offended if if I asked her to even pay half, let alone all of it. It just got me thinking, guys say, hey "Judy Jetson", they date her and everything. Then Judy Jetson gets asked out by John Doe, they get married, they she is now known as "Judy Doe". A guy looks her up, looks for Judy jetson to ask her out, and he can't find her because she isn't Jetson anymore. If women asked guys out, then it would be the ladies to bend down on one knee and as the guy to marry her, then the man would take the womans last name, LOL!

  • I was raised to be old fashion and have old fashioned values and morals something I take pride in for me it is just proper and gentlemanly for a man to pay for the dates. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I do not agree with feminism just how I was raised the only time I will ever allow a women to pay is if the place is ungodly expensive and even then I would say split it. The only thing I hope is that I can find a old fashioned gal who appreciates my old fashioned values.

  • Because men you dated base their self-worth on if they pay for a meal or not. Pretty pathetic on their part IMO. If girl is OK with paying half, then pay half. Don't be a pussy whipped nigga.

  • Because a lot of guys are still being raised and taught that the man should be the one to pay for the dates and that the girl shouldn't pay. This is backed up by some women still not wanting a second date from a guy if he doesn't pay a good portion if not all of it. So, some guys will want to pay for most, if not all, and some will want to split it or whoever ask pays. Same thing with gals. Some still expect men to pay for the entire thing, while others want to pay at least for themselves.


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