Do you believe there is a difference between hanging out or going on a date?

My friends and I started a debate over this. I used to think that they could be used interchangeably, but now I am not sure. If someone asked you to hangout would you think of it differently than if they asked you to go on a date?


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  • Hanging out is more casual, can go either way. Going on a date is specifically "more than friends" intentions.

  • I use them interchangeably because "date" is kind of old fashioned although I'm sure some people are into it.


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  • yes there is -- a date is with someone you like - you expect things from it. Hanging out is just having a good time with people you like

    • So is it the way it is arranged that gives girls the impression it's a date? Or a guy can ask a girl out in the same way but can be treated either way depending on the girl's feeling for the guy?

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    • Lol.. guys can be confusing sometimes :) I have asked girls out in similar approach, and sometimes it's a date, sometime it's not. I don't want to scare her off by saying date either.

    • You should probably just ask her what she considers it. That way there isn't any awkwardness or any extra pressure.