Some dating skills needed please!

I need some advices or skills please! I'm on 4th date with a guy. We have been hanging continously for 3 days, and texting each other everyday everyday. Usually he is the one who will send me a message in the morning, but I didn't get any today. I'm not sure if I should write him? He wrote to me Good night yesterday, and I saw that he was still on the app the whole night. In additional, we had a very long passionate kiss yesterday on our 4th date. Help me!

I sent him a message and opps I set us another date a few days later. So I decided to stay silent between these days, as in won't be writing him. I felt a little quiet side when we texted.


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  • its fine, don't get worried. You can text him if youd like or wait and text him tomorrow morning if you'd like. I personally love it when girls text me first in the morning, it gives that feeling that you just couldn't help but talk to me. He may have just woke up later or something you never know. don't read it as something bad that happened

    • Thanks for the advice. I just don't want him to feel that I'm giving all my attention to him, always ruin the dating process because the guy will eventually take it for granted.

    • thats true be careful though. if you don't give enough attention he will assume you just don't like him that way


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  • He's maybe tired of always being the one to start a conversation. He wants equality nowadays and not standardized roles to follow.

    So be spontaneous and say good morning to him for a change!

  • If he likes to stay silent for a day, don't rush. It's not because you haven't heard from him for a day that something's wrong.

    Perhaps he was so excited about the kiss that he couldn't get to sleep and slept though all alarm bells in the morning, dreaming about the kiss :-)

    Perhaps just send him a good night message if you haven't heard anything.


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  • Girl you need to slow it down. Give him a chance to miss you because that way you'd be in his thoughts. Don't text him. Make him wonder what you are up to. It makes the opposite party think of you more. Speaking from personal experience here!