My first date with him was awkward....

So Saturday night I went on my first date with a guy friend that I knew for 2 years now. We went bowling. It was such an awkward night. We didn't talk, like at all! it was kind of a double date thing, and our friends came and I ended up talking to them more. I felt really bad about it. Strangly enough I still care about him. We are going to a cocert in April, any suggesions on how to break the nerves? I want to show him how I feel and that I really do like him more than friends.


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  • 1. Does he likes you? Ask yourself that question over and over until you see it. He might be cute to you but what about him.

    2. Give him signs that you really like him like cuddle or try to hold hands. Maybe try to be clumsy or scare to something goofy. Be smart and don't do all the talking yourself. Ask him questions an watch his reaction carefully.

    3. Ask your girls friends for some backup. Like set up a double date but tell the others to leave you guys alone and be confident in yourself but NEVER throw yourself to him. Try to tease him and make him go after you because you are the jewel he needs to shine in life.

    4. GOOD LUCK!


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  • I just don't feel double dates are good first dates. First dates are awekward by themselves. It could be more complicated by having others with. It is OK to feel awkward. Just meet again and hit it off

  • A lot of first dates are awkward I assume. Especially if you both really like each other, you can become very self concious. Try to strike up small talk at first, and flirt. Be playful with him, joke around a lot and it should go fine.

  • sounds awful



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