Girls, do you usually prefer a guy to confess his feelings/crush for you so that you can turn him down?

I have known this girl from childhood and I always had a crush on her. She recently added me on fb a year back and we chat a bit but she started ignoring me. So after waiting for some months i confessed my feelings for her. She said she knew this all along but wanted me to confess it. Then I asked her how did she find out coz I didn't tell anyone to which she said she just knew. Anyways, I asked her what she wants to do about it to which she said she doesn't want to be in a relationship yet and wants to concentrate on her career to which I think is great. She also said she doesn't like me that way but she doesn't hated me either. I said it's fine and she said that's the reason that she has been ignoring me all this time. She said she didn't wanted to hurt me that's why but I told her her ignorance hurts me more and she apologized. I asked her to let me know if her feelings change for me at some point to which she said,"I will come myself when I feel like". So, my question is was she playing with me all this time coz if she didn't felt anything for me or like me then why would she want me to confess it coz she should have just asked me to f**k off right. I have heard my other girl friends saying that they made their boyfriends to confess coz they liked em too so why did she do that? Did she just wanted to tell her friends about this as a show off thing or she's actually innocent? Girls or boys please help me out if you can relate. I just don't want to end up confessing and then getting rejected by such girls who would do it just for fun. I know and have heard that girls can sense if their guy friend has a crush on them or likes them but they only want them to confess if they feel the same way but this is not what happened here. So is this actually true or are there other possibilities too?


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  • I want them to confess only if I feel the same. If I don't feel the same then I will politely let him know that I don't feel that way and only want to be friends. With her saying "I'll come myself when I feel like" makes it seem like she's going to use you if she has no other choice, like a plan b type of thing. Its like she's expects you to wait for her IF and WHEN she comes back to you.

    Some girls do want guys to confess as part of a game. To show off and things like that, which is just messed up.


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  • "I will come myself when I feel like" sounds like she wants to keep you as "plan b".

    You need to move on, because she doesn't sound like she has much respect for your feelings. There are far better girls out there.

  • I think she was avoiding you so you would stop crushing on her. She is just saying she wanted you to confess it so you could talk about it more. You probably boosted her low self-esteem and likes the fact that you really liked her. Honestly, it rarely happens. She sounds like a snooty bitch.


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