Should I forgive this guy for canceling on me or not?

I have been talking to a guy for about a month. We really like each other and talk everyday, and we are very similar because we are both kinda quirky and socially awkward, we're both musicians and artistic people, etc. He has 2 jobs and he lives in a town about 40 mins away from me so it's hard to see each other but I'm okay with that (but we have met in person).
Well last weekend he told me he was going to see me and take me out. So Saturday rolls around and I don't hear from him so I asked him if we were still on. He said his family stole him away but he could see me Sunday. So Sunday comes and I hear absolutely nothing from him.
I became very annoyed and figured he just wasn't interested in me and decided to forget about him. But then he texts me and asks if he can call me. I said "Yeah I guess but I'm not very happy with you to be honest" and he said "Yeah I know that's what I wanna talk about". So he calls me and he says he is sorry and that he really does like me, but he's not very good at planning things and it's been an ongoing pattern for him. I told him that it was very rude to keep cancelling on me like that and he agreed. Then we talked for a while and he played a sweet song for me on guitar and then I went to bed. I saw on Facebook that he posted "Only been a month and I've already messed up... I wonder if I'll be single forever"
Should I forgive him for the cancellations? I'm very confused as to whether or not he's really interested in me. And I don't want to end up being taken for granted or disrespected


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  • I'm with Nattack21. He gets once pass and if he does it again, particularly anytime soon, he's done. I can be pretty planning-inept and have a propensity to double book so I can sympathize with him. When I lost a great gal to the problem, I fixed it. I would suggest being very firm with him and sticking to your guns.


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  • I think you should. He talked honestly to you about his weak point. Honesty means a lot in a relationship. He could have blamed his family but he hasn't!
    And weak points we all have... some of us are chatty, some forget things (like me), some can be a bit rude from time to time, and will apologize afterwards.
    And some are not very disciplined in terms of their agenda. Like him. And he also apologized.


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  • I think that you should forgive him this once. I mean, he understands that he has messed up. Give him a chance to redeem himself, and if he can't then, you should move on. Hope I helped. Good Luck.