The right person and fresh relationship but the wrong time. What do I do? :(?

I meet this girl and I have never connected with a girl so well. I can completely be my self when I am around her. I can be the goofy kid that I am and she is goofy right there with me. She is awesome and I am completely infatuated by her. We started dating about 2 months ago and things are going GREAT. Its kinda of scary how great things are going. The only problem is we meet a the most inconvenient time of our lives. We are both 4th years about to finish college. I am Bio major committed 100% to becoming a research scientist and she is liberal studies major 100% committed to becoming a school teacher. She is about to be accepted to a 2 year teaching credential program in Southern California. Our School is about 60 miles away from her new grad school. I am staying at our university for one more year, working at a research lab. During that year I will also be applying to grad school (For a PhD in Molecular Biology) in the San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston area. Now we are at the point of our relationship where things need to be defined. Do I make her my girlfriend or not? Do I continue or save our self more heart break and end it. :( I don't want to impede her success in any way. I would feel like shit if I did, because I know how much work she put into where she is today. The same goes for me. I have put in too much work not pursue all my opportunities for my Science career. Keep in mind I eventually want to become a CC professor or a university professor. I am lost and extremely sadden but this reality. Do I continue knowing there is a possibility that this relationship will only last for 4 more months, or that it will eventually be destroyed by long distance and time commitments? I don't what to do. I care about this girl a lot ! I hate it because I am normally not like this but she just fits me so well. Any advice out there on how to approach this situation? any success stories or bad stories in regards to this situation?


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  • Why do you "need" to define the relationship after 2 months? Go with the flow. Stop worry about what will happen in the future. Cross that bridge when you get there. For now, just enjoy it.

    I'd rather meet the right person at the wrong time than meet the wrong person at the right time. The wrong person will always be wrong. The wrong time is only temporary. If someone is truly the RIGHT person, you'll make it work through less-than-ideal times.


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  • This is a classic situation. There's no silver bullet. Just talk to her and work it out. Focus on the relationship and behavior and not on the people. Listen more than you talk. You'll figure it out.