Would you reply to a text/message if you felt that the person sending them was bugging you?

I only ask as I text/message a guy I know , sometimes quite a lot but always relevant stuff, sometimes only once a week. Last night I sent him a long text, didn't realise how long until I sent it. He replied, which I wasn't expecting, but only with 7 words which were all relevant to my text ( congratulations, hope you're well soon, good night). He never does send massive replies.


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  • Nope. I don't reply back to texts sometimes just cause I don't feel like talking to anyone so if your bugging me I won't reply back at all or sometimes I block the person.

    I mean, he clearly want's you to be well so I don't know what your asking about? If he never sends massive texts and you weren't expecting a text back and he did then that's cool he did right?


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  • Unless it's between midnight and 7am I will reply to a text as soon as I see it. If it's 2 in the morning and I'm up and receive a text. I will reply right then as I know the sender isn't sleeping.
    If I feel the person is bugging me, I will still reply. But it will be a short message.


  • If texts are sent by someone and I don't want to answer it, I don't - simple :)


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