She dropped a bombshell over text!!!?

We were playing text tag one night and she asked my deepest darkest secret. I told her and I asked the same back. She said that she was the side girl (mistress) to a guy with a GF for awhile. She knew he had a GF as well. Later on she said, it was her Ex she was hooking up with and she met his new GF and hated her. She said no judgement please, but i'm not a person that can look past something like cheating/sabotage, now that its in the open. Am I in the wrong for judging her harshly even though it was her deep secret?


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  • The fact that she fooling around with a guy who was in a relationship should definitely make you wary. That shows you what she's capable of: cheating.


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  • Being single is so much better than being cheating on, lied to and disrespected.


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  • I would be cautious for that because of the fact that usually if she can cheat on someone else like that what makes it any different as if it was with you. The situation just depends and how strongly you feel for her and can you just look past that.