How to know if my relationship is serious?

Hi, I'm a freshman in college, and I'm having a massive crush on this senior guy in my class. We met each other this semester-so probably like a month ago. He asked me out for dinner few times, and we became really good friends. Our chats can go on and on. We just spent this weekend together at his place, and things got little sexual.

And this was when I started worrying about this relationship. I thought having sex after seeing for couple weeks or so was kind of fast (By the way, is it really fast? or is this normal?) He has never told me that he has feelings for me. I'm afraid that he's treating me as a friend with benefits, because I really like him. How should I figure out what he's thinking?

We didn't have sex. We made out, and he attempted penetrating, but since I'm a virgin it was too tight. As I said it hurts too much, he immediately stopped.


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  • You gotta talk to him about it. Real relationships have real conversations.

    Having sex too fast is when you're having sex and you don't feel comfortable about it. If you feel that having sex a week after meeting someone is fine, then it's not too fast. If you feel that having sex after knowing someone a couple months is still too fast, then that's your opinion.
    There's no predetermined definition of when is acceptable to have sex in a relationship, it's all dependent on what you believe the correct timing should be.


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  • Welcome to the real world where no one truly understands anything. You have just experienced your first taste of dating as an adult. It doesn't make sense and it's not going to make since. The best thing to do is go in and do as you wish. Be authentic be one hundred percent you. If things don't go well you'll learn something new about yourself and you'll be much more prepared for the next person. It'll hurt but it'll go away and you'll come out a better person. If things go well congrats on your new boo thang. But the best thing to do is forget about where you want things to go and enjoy the moments you have because this person maybe here for a long time or they may be gone in an instant don't ruin it because you're worried about something in the future that may not even happen. Everyone has a unique experience. In short Wing it you got this girl ;)


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  • you could just ask him I had a friend who had sex with her current by friend a week into going out and they have been together for a year. If you guys had sex next time he asks you to go out see if he tries to initiate sex again and if he does then you might just be a friend with benefits.