What to do when a guy asks you to dance?

So I'm going to a concert with a guy this week and the other day he told me "I hope you let loose at the concert and dance with me" I responded I'm sorry but I'm so shy.. Then yesterday he told me again I can't wait to dance with you, I hope we'll dance all night.. But I don't want to dance with him? I'd like to just stand up and clap my hands cause I'm so shy and I actually don't know how to dance... What should I do? Should I go to the concert with him?


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  • I am shy too and I was several times in a similar situation. Even if I felt so self-conscious while in the first minutes, I loosened up after. And you can dance by shifting your weight to one foot and move your hips and arms. If you relax, everything will be fine.


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  • He already invited you and you accepted, right? He already paid for tickets, right? You're obligated to go to the concert at this point, aren't you? Don't worry about being able to dance. It's not like it's a competition. Just go have fun and loosen up.


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