Boyfriend says he thinks he's falling in love with me after dating for a month... is it possible?

My boyfriend and I met over instagram, had our first date within 2 weeks and after a month we started dating. I would NEVER have dated someone a month after meeting them, however, our relationship was like... we both felt like we've known each other forever!

It was an instant click! I have never felt so comfortable with someone like I do with him! It sounds crazy, and believe me, I feel crazy for thinking it, but he is my best friend and I am 110% comfortable with this guy! We're so much alike that I don't even have to say anything for him to understand what I'm thinking.

Now, we've been dating for a little over a month when one day we were skyping when he just got quiet and started to think. So I ask him what he's thinking about and after a very amusing 20 minutes of play fighting, he said slowly after thinking for 5 minutes, "I think I'm falling for you." Now I can tell that my own feelings have started to bud into what might be "love" or whatever, and it made me the happiest girl when he said, like I cried. Its just that, is it really possible?

I mean, I don't base everything in my relationship off of other people's relationships because everyone is different. And I and my boyfriend are DEFINITELY different, but I just want to know..

Is it possible for someone to fall in love with a person so quickly?

Please help, I really want this relationship to work out. I truly care more for this man than for myself. And I know the feeling is mutual.


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  • This sounds so much like a modern version of the movie Frozen which I won't spoil if you haven't seen. I am talking the youngest prince guy... not the reindeer guy. I am a bit pessmistic on feeling that way so soon since it's clearly infatuation, and based on situations a friend of mine was recently in it's sometimes used as manipulation. However, I do believe you can meet someone and the more you learn about them over time the more you might feel like they are made for you. So it's really too soon to tell. Remember fools rush in.


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  • I think what you're really saying is "tell me this isn't just a dream". :-) Do you think all those uncountable love songs were written for nothing? Of course its real, now go and enjoy your life. Congratulations.


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  • i think it is possible. my relationship sorta skyrocketed like that. just don't rush into any decisions too quickly.

    • Thanks! And this is kind of a stupid question, but people say not to rush into things... what kinds of things? I'm just so scared I will rush into something and I'll destroy this relationship! DX

    • i was meaning sex. too many teenagers are having sex before they are ready, which can have some serious psychological problems (feelings of inadequacy, hurt, etc) along with unwanted pregnancy and the issues that come with that. i personally don't think you should have sex until your married. if he loves you enough to have sex, but not marry, then there is something wrong that.

    • stuff like saying "i love you" or kissing (stuff like that) is a somewhat scary thing, but timed wrong can ruin a relationship too. its just easier to come back than sex.

  • I think it's possible. Sometimes you just know.