Girl has emotional barriers, how best to approach the situation?

This girl that I have been seeing, and I have gotten really close and things were going really well, but now she says she's not ready for a relationship, or to put someone else out there because she's so used to her independence. The more I've thought about it it seems that she has a wall up, and her defense mechanisms have responded because of how close we've been getting. I really care about this girl, and I'm wondering how best to deal with this, if it's a bad idea to straight up say that's what I've observed, or to indirectly just try to do more to earn her trust, and just ask what she feels. Also anyone else's experience with this is?


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  • I say you should try to earn her trust. Do you know if she was hurt in the past by previous boyfriends or anything? If so, prove that you are opposite of them. I wouldn't talk about what you have been observing right away until she trusts you more and knows you are not going anywhere.


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  • Try talking to her about her past and then asking her about your relationship, asking her how things made her feel then and how you make her feel now.