I told a guy i'm dating that I was asked out by another guy... and he encouraged me to "go with the flow" and say yes. WTF?

He said "keep your options open" - Why would he say that?

Well i said that I only date one person at a time, that he guy who asked me out wasn't my type anyway (which was true), and he then said "Oh that's nice to hear xox"
Admittedly, i still feel quite shaken that he suggested I keep my options open, when what he & i have is quite special :(


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  • LOL. Well, that backgfired for you.

    It just sounds like he's a confident, non-desperate guy. That's a good thing, right? You wouldn't want to be with a loser surely.


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  • Maybe he's hoping someone else will take you off his hands? lol

    Or maybe he's so concerned about appearing as the clingy, jealous, psycho boyfriend that he's forcing that kind of answer to you? I don't know man, it's hard to tell. Did you try asking him?


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  • I initially thought that it was his way of not appearing clingy or expressing that he really likes you, but it could also be that he wants you to find someone else so he doesn't have to end things.