do i need to deal with it or put my foot down?

so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 11 months. we live together. He has been upfront with me about his ex how she still a big part of his life. their relationship was on and off for six years that ended about 4 moths before we made it official. she would cheat on him and start dating another guy until she wasn't happy then would go back to my bf. but despite this i wanted to get to know her because she is a big part of his life. she has been in a relationship with a guy for over a year and my bf and made it appoint to become friends with him she was very rude to me and didn't really talk to me. my bf told me she doesn't really have friends that are girls cuz she thinks theyre all mean and b*tches. she told my bf that she didn't care what i did at all. so to me i was done im not going to try anymore and i no longer like the idea of them texting everyday. so i asked him just to give me the summer of no communication which he didn't do by June he was texting her again. so i broke down and asked again no communication for 6 months and he still sent her messages so in October i broke down again because i feel like i have to fight for something that i already won. and that she is scetchy. now the other day he told me that since we've been dating his friendship has change and that he doesn't think its fair for him to have a strain on his friendship with her and her boyfriend and their mutal friends. do i need to deal with them being friends or do i need to but my foot down


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  • Yes, by all means put your foot down! And why in the world is it up?


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  • put your foot down. Enough is enough.

  • How about you gain some confidence and walk out the damn door, smh i wish my man would tell me some shit like that.