What's the proper procedure? Friends first or ask out right away?

When you have a crush on a girl are you suppose to make friends with her first for a brief time (more than 2-3 months) or are you just suppose to ask her out right away?

Lets say the scenario is a girl you see regularly at work, in your class or at your school?

you humans love men to be friend zoned.


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  • I think you should aim for the in between stage: when you are friendly acquaintances. That way, you have enough time to get to know each other enough to know if you have things in common and have things to talk about, but there isn't anything to lose if she's not feeling it (as opposed to the friendship option).


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  • Friends first, that is ALWAYS the smartest choice because nobody wants to get hurt plus it lets us know if he really just a jack ass who wants to booty or really wants to get to know us, generally these days though guys try to rush us into dating them and that isn't something i stand for so i tell guys friends first or no deal, proves to me who they really are if they choose to walk away.

    • Wait your a guy, well... it will prove to you if she is trust worthy and doesn't just want booty lol girls tend to sleep around a lot these days too.

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    • How long do you want the guy to wait until you are ready to actually date him?

    • It depends on the person, i know people set time limits these days but this behavior is rude... most of the time you never really realize how much you like each other but you have to always be on the same wave lemgh in order to make things work, i always don't like the concept of a "date" because it makes you feel pressured into liking that person, so it's best to make a move when both of you are ready to.

  • I think the best course of action would be to make friends first but keep it flirty, like you are interested. After a little while, ask her out.

  • Get to know her as a person rather than a being with a pair of boobs and a vagina


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  • Be friends, but not TOO friendly. Have like a flirty friendship. Sounds weird, but I always had a theory that if you can sow a seed in her mind of "hmmm... wonder what it would be like to sleep with him...", you're in good shape. Its a delicate operation, I'm not even sure how to describe doing it. Its not like you can just tell tall tales about yourself within earshot of her, like "we went out, she had the lobster bisque, we went back to my place, yadda yadda yadda, my sheets are RUINED", haha. Just be cool, but don't give off a vibe that there's nothing else on your mind.

  • If she won't come see your band perform in the basement of some party in Seattle, DUMP HER!!!


    • But to answer seriously, I agree with White Steve. Friends, but flirty friends.