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So there's a girl I really like. We went on a few dates and got along great. But then I had a bunch of personal/family stuff that happened. Grandparents got in a car wreck, and we're trying to hide how bad it was from the family, lied about the injuries they got, and it really got everyone upset. Then my dad got "lost" on a hunting trip. Found him a few hours later, but my mom was freaking out for that time, also my brother who had been getting over his heroine addiction relapsed saying he was just so worried about my dad. Then my uncle (mom's sister's husband died, just three years after my aunt died. All this shit and I got stuck being the go between for everybody. And it really put a lot of stress on me. For awhile I just kinda reverted I to myself, hardly talking to anyone, not taking care of myself. I'm finally feeling better now. I really want to see her and explain what's been going on, but I'm just unsure about it. How to tell her? How she will respond? Any advice?


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  • Well, first off, just try to contact her in a normal fashion (like if you two used to text or talk on Facebook , do it that way) and explain to her everything that happened. I won't lie, she may not believe you, (she may think this is just your excuse to not talk to her), but hopefully she will! Just be as honest as you can with her, and tell her you want to see her again. Good luck!


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  • talk to her as soon as you can. She probably assumes you are not interested anymore. Explain to her that you had some family problems. so just be honest.

    Also I hope everything in your family is better now ! :) I recently lost my uncle and we are keeping it a secret from others so I can relate to how stressful those family issues can be..


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  • How long haven't you spoken to her for? Different time periods will need different approaches.

    • Couple months, I butt texted her in early January, we said happy new year to eachother, but I was not in the right mindset then to be holding any conversation

    • Relatively speaking 2 months isn't long at all. It might be in this modern society though. I've known women dump a dude on Friday and hook up with a new dude on Saturday.

      I wouldn't tell her what has happened unless she asks. You need to start slowly again and see if she is free to meet up with you. There are no guarantees though, every girl is different. Just don't offload things on her immediately. Be light, have fun, hook up.

    • Ya, kinda what I was thinking too. I know she's got a lot going on. And she's a really great person and hot too. I'll be luck she's still available