Should I call her for a second date?

So... about 4 days ago, when I was returning home on the bus, I noticed this girl with an attractive smile. We exchanged a lot of looks, and I finally mustered the courage -for the first time in my life, I'm 21 by the way!- to go up to her. We had a small chat and then I asked for her number, which, to my surprise, she eagerly gave me. 2 days later, I texted her and asked her out, to which AGAIN she responded positively. We went out on that 'date', and while we were both a bit nervous, we got a conversation going, about basic things like music, movies, studies etc. After about an hour of talking to each other, I leaned in to kiss her. That first kiss lasted at least 30 minutes! After that things were a little bit awkward, but I believe this is due to nervousness. All in all, she didn't show any signs of not liking me. We stayed there for about 4 hours after she said we should be going.

After I walked with her, we exchanged a goodnight kiss and went our ways. I decided to send her a text to see if she was safe and sound (I did offer to take her home, but she said she was fine and I didn't want to push it). After she answered, I texted her this: 'I had a great time and I'd love it if we did this again!'. Fast forward today, 2 days later, and still no response. I'm a bit disappointed because I thought everything was going smooth and I'm trying to think what I could've done wrong. On the other hand, my friends say that she might have not had credit, or that she is shy and waits for me to ask her out again. But I'm confused... Do you think I should call her and ask her out again?


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  • Call her DO NOT!! text her, call her and if she wouldn't pick the phone up, leave her a WELL thought out voice mail and that's it. After that all you can do is wait. You might scared her off, kissing on the first day for 30 min is toooo much to fast ( she doesn't even know you or what your thoughts are about her), you sent her a completely wrong message. Not trying to disappoint you, but you would of scared me off too with that kind of action. What you did was kind of a clear indication that you want to get into her pants eagerly and as soon as possible!!

    • devils advocate hear.. and what message was she then sending him? making out for 30seconds?
      maybe she wanted in his pants? lol just saying it sounded like they had the Hots for one another

    • I appreciate your input, but I didn't force her into anything. Not only did she seem to enjoy the kiss, she could break it any time she wanted to. Plus, I actually tried that but she always seemed to invite me back.

      As for the pants thing, that isn't my purpose, really. I've met a lot of girls and she seems to be the most amazing one of them.

    • When girls like guys we can do a lot of stupid things in a very short period of time and regret them later. My guess would be her hopes were high and she put her self all the way, but now she is thinking about her action that she made. Like i said before, call her and if she won't pick up leave her a good message ( she needs to hear your voice and your message behind that voice) and again make that phone call worth it, think your thoughts through and make it count even if it would be your last call to her. You were manly enough to make your move and things DID work out for you so now you know how to do things, but in case if it won't work out, don't beat yourself up, be a MAN!


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  • Seems like things went well. You should text or call her on the weekend and ask her out again. If you don't get a response the second time then just let it go.

  • I would call her and see if she wants to go out again


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  • nah you should wait it out dude.. you put yourself outhere and she knows, dont wait for her she may not respond and you should keep your options open. she could be nervous maybe she is like you and have never done those things with someone she just met.
    but on the positive side.. you approached and understand what it can lead to so see it as a confidence builder for you. and if you run into her just be nice and wave or say hi. let her decide now its her decision rt now. only she can make her own effort but only if she wants to.
    that is definitely confusing though for anyone.