Do first kisses come naturally?

Well I recently got a boyfriend, and so my friend dared me to 'Pop' kiss him, which is fine. But.. I want to be prepared just in case it turns into something else, I think he wants a kiss because yesterday we were hugging outside of school and he kissed the corner of my lips, does that mean he wants one?

No lve never had another kiss different than a pop kiss.-.


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  • No, it doesn't come naturally - it's quite possible to be over thinking it, and for it to go wrong.

    It only really comes naturally when you're learned to relax into it, and stop thinking, and trust your instincts and your body.


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  • I guess I'm getting old (oh god), but what is a 'pop' kiss? But yeah, he's definitely wanting a kiss. If you are hugging and he lingers, maybe pulls back slightly to look at you, he's waiting for a signal from you to kiss him.

    • Sorry, I meant that he's waiting on a signal from you indicating for him to go ahead and kiss you. And no, it won't always come very naturally. Most first kisses aren't - it's when you've kissed them before that you get a more natural kiss.

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    • Sorry, if you meant you asked another question about that, I didn't find it. I'll just answer here. First kisses are always nerve-wracking with each new person. It's normal for him to be nervous, even though he's kissed a girl before.

    • No I meant go to all my questions and click or tap on the one that's labeled "why is he shy to kiss me.." its the second paet of this one.

  • Is it your FIRST kiss or just your first kiss with this guy? Either way, it sounds like he wants to be kissed. If he doesn't do it first, that is. It's going to be awkward and exciting at the same time, and that's what you'll remember.

  • First kisses can be awkward as heck if it's both your first time! Mine, luckly was with someone who had experience. It only comes natural if you're totally calm! And don't just go making out for the first time haha and just try a 5ish second peck. Kissing is amazing! Good luck :)