He admit he is lonely and been single too long, then admit feelings for me. Should I steer clear?

He admit that he feels lonely and stuck. And that he's been single too long but not totally ready for a relationship.
Then he admit feelings for me, saying how he can confide in me and that he wishes we could go out some time (we live a few hours away).

We are friends and have been for around a year now.

I like him a lot. But I can't believe he admit all this at once. It was like a friend convo that turned into something else. Like I felt he felt he needed affection.

What do you think? It's not out of the blue his feelings for me but he told me a long time ago he was just fine being single.

I like him very much, I just worry I would be fulfilling a need. We all have needs and of course want to be with people, but I just worry about that.


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  • Should I steer clear?
    -No, definitely not. Just be there for him. Lets just say you should keep the doors open when it comes to the possibility of starting a relationship with him, assuming you want to.


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  • I think you should go out with him. If he likes you let him know that you like him back that way you guys can start a relationship

  • He was probably getting desperate and couldn't stop thinking about that, thus he told you about all of it for once. There's no reason to steer clear of him due to this.


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  • he might like you