How do you know if a shy guy is trying to ask you out?

This could be wishful thinking, but there's this guy, Eli, in one of my classes. We talk a lot, and it's fun. Usually when we do lapse into silence, it's pretty comfortable, but yesterday... he seemed like he was trying to say something. Two times, he began to talk, like, "So, um..." And then he'd pause for a bit, I'd give him a curious look and ask, "What is it?" and he'd just shake his head and say, "Aha, nevermind. I don't know." And he looked like he was blushing a little, plus he would laugh a little nervously. So after the 2nd time, I started a new conversation with him and it was totally comfortable again.

I could be reading way into this (I do that a lot, especially because I want him to like me), but do you think maybe he might've wanted to ask me out? What else might make him act like that?


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  • He probably could have wanted to ask you out but every time got "chocked" up, you know? Do you like him? Maybe since he is she you may have to be the one who makes the first step.


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  • at this point u need to make it obvious if ur interested. simple as that.


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  • If you want a shy guy to ask you out - they won't do it in person. You need to start a Facebook conversation/text them and start flirting slowly. Shy guys will only ask girls out if they think the might say yes - so you need to push it a little.