How soon is TOO soon to kiss a guy?

Ok. I'm going out with a guy (he's 16 and I'm 15). We go tithe same music school and I've seen him at recitals since December, he said hi but I was too nervous to talk. We started actually having conversations in mid-April and now we're ALMOST boyfriend/girlfriend (I told him I wanted to go on more dates before we start introducing us as that and he was ok with it.) I REALLY want to kiss him. I've never kissed a guy before. Is it too soon? We only started hanging out about 3 weeks ago but we've been "friends" since May. Idk. I feel like I know him pretty well but how soon is TOO soon to kiss someone after going out with them? Is there a time limit or is it just whenever you both feel like it?

Oh, the primary reason I want to kiss him is not because I haven't done it before. The reason is, when I look in his eyes, I see understanding, kindness and sincerity. I just want to be closer to that and show my affection for him.
And the reason I asked the q is because I have a friend that kissed a guy after 2 WEEKS of knowing him. Its now been a month and 1/2 and they've since engaged in sexual acts. I just don't want to end up like her, all rushed to get "somewhere."