People, give me your best tips for approaching girls? Make them practical but memorable.?

Give me something that will make me stand out while not appearing "creepy" or whatever. My favorite answer I will try out and message you the results.


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  • You have to approach every single girl differently. Don't expect one-liners to work, especially when they give you a response you don't expect. If you go up to someone and just introduce yourself sincerely, then girls will sense that energy. Also, thinking and focusing on the "approach" is unhealthy practice because then what, you come up with some cheesy one liner and then who are you? What will you talk about? The weather, the music, the food, where she's from?
    Trying to seem interesting and attractive isn't actually being yourself. You shouldn't have to TRY to be anything other than the person you are.
    Remember, there is no such thing as "rejection", either the girl is what you are looking for or she's not.


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  • The best method is to make YOURSELF seem interesting and attractive, so that they want to get to know YOU.

    When you are out in public, make sure you are having a good time, that you are smiling at people, acknowledging them when they smile back, and all-in-all behaving like you are having the best day ever. A positive attitude is infectious.

    Then, make sure you are INCLUSIVE - bring other people into the good time you are having. If you see a table of girls, introduce yourself to ALL of them, and listen to each girl's introduction and if the conversation goes further, each girl's story. Don't go straight for one girl, be friendly to ALL of them, because later on, that can be the difference between having girls all want to get to know you, or having the girls you ignored talk the girl you liked out of giving you her number. If you win the friends, you'll probably win her too.

    But that applies on an even wider scale. If you go into a bar or a party, be the one having a great time, and then work to include everyone else in that good time. If someone is nervously hiding in the corner, INCLUDE THEM and pull them in and make them feel welcome. Before long, everyone will know you and you'll be popular, because you're "the fun guy" or "the cool guy" that everyone enjoys having around. Girls WANT to be with a guy like that, and it won't take too long before THEY start pursuing YOU.

    One-liners almost never work, unless you were born with massive amounts of charisma. It might take a bit of time to become the cool guy, but it works.

    This is probably a weird reference, but in the beginning of Schindler's List, Schindler needed influence to be able to get his company going, so he showed up at a party where no one knew who he was, and so he started having his own, better party in that room, and gradually started including more and more people into HIS party, going up the ranks until the top general was partying with him. He got his factory.

  • Just think, youve got one life to live, so you may as well want as many stories as you can before you die, or to tell your grandchildren. Just do something, I like saying to myself "dont be a potato". Because if you're a potato, you miss out on a perfectly good chance. Its very low risk talking to a girl, but high reward.

  • In my opinion, the best approach is simply, "Hey, I know this is random, but you are really cute." So few guys have the balls to approach girls these days (unless they are wasted or something) that you don't need any fancy pick up lines or anything. Obviously you will get rejected some because that is just part of it, but the fact that you were confident enough to say that in the first place will win a lot of girls over.

    • I don't think that's true. From what I hear attractive girls hear stuff like that ALL THE TIME.

    • I tried that once. I didn't work.

    • @QA Oh you tried that once? Well then I guess it will never work... oh wait yes it does because I got many numbers using that before I got a girlfriend. Did you even read my last sentence? -_-

      @CellLuddite Attractive girls may hear a lot of compliments, but very few guys actually go up and directly hit on them during the day. Most of the time it's at night, or the guy will be creepy/boring about it and not make his intentions clear (for example asking her for the time and then having a generic conversation with her).

  • Remember the three second rule. When you see an attractive woman you have three seconds to decide to go over and talk to her. Otherwise it's a little creepy.

  • Go up to a group of girls and say "I have a crush on one of you but I don't want to say who it is because I'm afraid she may not like me." Do it jokingly and make sure u keep an even amount of eye contact with all of them and never say who it is lol

  • First take off that hat and those ridiculous sunglasses. It makes you look like a grade-a ahole.

    • Shouldn't that help? Haha! I don't wear them constantly but I usually get compliments. However, I will keep that in mind.

  • Say something that will make them laugh.