How can I practice kissing?

Okay so I haven't had my first kiss yet but like I'm afraid when the time comes I'm gonna suck, I wanna know how I can practice kissing, some of you may say that it will come naturally but still I wanna get some practice in.


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  • Kissing is not really something you would practice.i think only losers do that. Practicing kissing is like saying practicing love or how to fall in love. You don't practice it you feel it when it happens to you, when the time comes just close your eyes and just think about this person whom your kissing, how you love him and he makes you happy. I bet that would do enough.


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  • I agree with ohanagurl. You are young, and most guys are unexperienced at kissing when they're young as well. But don't worry about being this amazing kisser. But if you're really into the guy, and you think you two are going to kiss, before it happens, just be honest with him. Let him know that you've never kissed anyone before. I guarantee the guy will be fine with it, and will actually like the fact that he's the first one. But don't be nervous hun at all. I guarantee you that the guy isn't critiquing your kissing. As long as you don't bite his tongue off, you will be fine.

  • U really can't practice. I mean people say to use ur hand but it is nothing compared to actually kissing someone. I just had my first kiss and it was nothing like I expected. it was amazing though. and its true it does come naturally but not with time, but the moment ur lips touch and start to move you just go with it. its all very instinctive. just do what feels right and it will go well.


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