Guy randomly texts me after a month of silence?

Sooo... went on a couple dates and hung out with this guy a month ago.. haven't heard from him until yesterday and we hung out. He said that he got different job and was moving a couple hrs away and he was tending to all that so that's why he's been busy. I know he has crazy hours with his current job and that plus relocating I can see the truth a little. We hung out at my house, didn't go out or anything, and he brought it up to explain and said he didn't want me to feel like he was just blowing me off. I told him that I totally felt that way and kinda jokingly said how I just don't do rejection well and he said he wasn't rejecting me and he thinks I'm really sweet and he really liked me... blah blah... Do y'all think he was telling the truth because I feel like he just maybe put me on the back burner and I'm a last resort or whatever... :(


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  • Dude sounds busy, new jobs and moving can really eat up your time. At least he was nice to hang out with you and explain that he's been occupied.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he put you as a priority... you deserve better than that... a guy that won't blow you off... If he really wanted to contact you, he would have... no excuse. This happened to me before... a guy I had dinner with that I didn't like contacted me out of the blue almost a year later telling me he wanted my ass (I didn't let him touch me or anything)...

    So... it could be something like now he's available... or it could be that he is really interested... I think you need to tell him exactly how you feel up front and let him know that won't be acceptable in the future.