This guy from class saw me kissing another guy and looked disappointed in me?

all three of us know each other from class and after school this guy saw me making out with another guy. We aren't friends though. He looked at me with disappointment like he seemed a little sad and sighed then looked down and walked away. I never thought he liked me because he doesn't really talk to me in or out of class. So what does this mean?


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  • It's obviously something he is ashamed of and under 18 years old is a tough time for your sexual and social identity. He is probably embarrassed that you witnessed that and torn with how to approach the subject of what you saw.


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  • He may have liked you but was too shy to do anything about it and on the inside he feels like a steaming pile of crap because he let his chance slip away and someone else is enjoying something he could of had. Ask me how I know... not really tho.


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  • He might like you? He also might think this guy is a "tool". Maybe he's just lonely, and seeing two people kiss made him be reminded of.

    It's really difficult to say for sure. Like centigrade said, he might just be shy. It could be for a number of different reasons.