First date - Being myself or maintain an air of mystery?

Hi all,

Which do you prefer on your first date? That your date be very open, or more mysterious?

I've heard many people suggesting that by playing a bit hard-to-get and coy, a girl can attract a man more by appearing more mysterious thereby keeping his attention.

But I much prefer just being myself, cause I'm open, honest and the exact opposite of coy. I love to laugh and have a good conversation.

So what do you all think?

Thanks a lot for the answers.

I would agree about keeping just a teeny weeny bit of mystery =)

after all I don't want to be the one doing all the yakking =))


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  • I would say be yourself and have a bit of mystery. I went out on a date with a guy recently. Most of the time being myself, talking and showing what I really am but once or twice I kept silent and I could see my date checking me out with interest before he starts the convo. So I suggest be yourself 70% of the time but remain mystery for the tiniest bit. It will drive interest in your date.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I wouldn't like it at all. I prefer communication to take place, that way you know if you click with someone. If someone keeps their personality bottled up it is a good way to waste time being in a relationship that won't work out in the end (after the real personalities come out).

    A little coyness is charming at first, but if it lasts more than one date I feel like I'm just a game to her, and that's not going to end well :)

  • Be yourself! There's going to be mystery after the first date anyway, because you won't have time to talk about your entire life, or all your hopes and fears. I dislike it when a date plays hard to get; it's very confusing.

  • On a first date, it's better to be yourself, so that the other person knows what they are getting, so they can decide what they want without wasting their time.


What Girls Said 2

  • Well girl then be yourself and that is the best way to do it don't try to act coy or mysterious because that doesn't seem to be you and a guy will sense that and therefore not want to go out with you anymore don't try to be something your not because the world thinks its sexy because what sexy is who you are and the things that make you unique so I say just be you and let the guy love you for that and not some false FBI moviestar type person if they are worth your time and are really honestly good guy then he will love your openness and light don't ever change for anyone ok good luck

  • I feel like a little of both works great. I am totally myself when I'm on a date yet I still leave a little mystery in there, I mean you don't want him leaving the date thinking I know everything about her. NOW WHAT!