GIRLS: We started texting and REALLY getting to know each other, but the next time I saw her it was MORE awkward?

There's a girl in my class and there seems to be a degree of mutual interest... we have talked in class, talked outside of class and get along pretty well... at one point we started texting and this is when we REALLY started to get to know each other, she asked lots of questions, like a date via text... during our last convo she told me that she showed a video of me to her mother with a big :)))))) next to it and we wished each other good night (is that significant)... the next time I saw her in class, however, things were MORE awkward than usual... we both couldn't think of much to say and the conversation didn't flow, maybe because we had gotten to know each other a lot more through text and don't know how to operate at that level in person yet? I can't tell why - is it because we were both nervous? Because I was nervous? Is she interested? Not interested?


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  • Exactly. Text has this other worldy quality to it. You feel like you can say things you normally wouldn't say. And you don't hear a voice. So it could be like any random person on the net. I think the way to get back into the grove is to have little follow up conversations in public about the things you mentioned with text. That way you bridge the two mediums, so it's like you make the different mediums equally valid channels to communicate to the same person.

    • So did my advice work out for you?

    • Indeed it did! So well actually - we actually connected amazingly well since we started talking more in person, and now we can text fine AND talk in person :)


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  • I would say she is most certainly interested! Sometimes it's hard for people to associate texting relationships with real life so even though you know so much about her from texting you may have to get to know her again in person. I would say lay off the texting a little and spend some quality time together!

  • She seems interested. It's just awkward cause y'all broke that barrier and now you're kind of both dangling, wondering how the other feels and not sure what to do next.
    She's clearly interested in my opinion


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