Why does she ask me out but doesn't answer when I call?

I met this girl while traveling abroad. We live in the same city and we seemed to get along well during that trip. Upon returning home we exchanged phone numbers and email. The next day I texted her just to say hi, she answered -thanks for writing, we keep in touch. A week later I called her, and she asked me out, but without specific date and time She told me her birthday was the next week. I texted her at 00:01 on her birthday, and she wrote me back in the morning thanking me for being the first one. A few hours later I called her to say hi and ask her out, again she told me she's going to be busy at work and that will call me. I waited 2 weeks and called her, she asked me again to do something together -but after two weeks because of some job issues. I waited two weeks and called her one sunday at 5pm and 9pm, the next day at noon, but no response. A few days I texted her, no response. Indeed busy? Playing hard to get? Mixed signals?


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  • Sounds like mixed signals.

    You should leave her a voicemail being upfront with her. Say, listen I really want to get to know you but you aren't giving me the chance. If you're interested in getting to know me also, then lets make a date for real, no more bullsh*t. If she doesn't ever respond to your message then screw her! There are so much other girls out there.


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  • i think she's either just realy nervous, maybe she doesn't have a lot of experience with dating or what not, which in that case just give her time she might get over it and call you back but she might not... or there's also a possiblity that she met someone else...


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  • Dude, I'm not sure how she asked you out but if she didn't make a specific time, day, place it wasn't asking you out. I'm harsh but I did this too when I was not getting girls.

    Mistakes: you didn't wait for her to get back to you. Granted, she said two weeks but the ball is in her court. If you attack her with a tennis ball machine she will get tired and quit aka not text/call back. With calling and texting her it's a game of give, wait, give wait. You're rushing things and you're not making her feel comfortable and safe. Avoid acting needy, wait for her reply and let her chase you. If she was really interested she would contact you for a legit date bro.
    Hints: Text and wait for her, move on and make a definite date with a girl: time, day, place, read Coach Corey Wayne's 3%man or his youtube videos. Act as if you had multiple women, you wouldn't even consider calling her back right? Yeah, act as if you had multiple women. Don't text after 7PM, only ask for dates, and shit bro WAIT FOR HER TO GET BACK TO YOU. Real men have no women that dictate their lives and time.