Girls would you be cool with guy friend dating your sister?

lets say your friends with this guy but don't have any intentions of dating him. and he becomes interested in your younger sister who was also single and she's into him would you be ok with them dating? or would it be too weird for guy friend to date your sister. what are your thoughs on this

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  • Sure, my sister has a boyfriend though and most of my friends are gay so chances are it wouldn't happen. XD


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What Girls Said 2

  • To me, it depends on the age difference. If he's say 26, and your sister is 18, that's definitely not cool. My best guy friend dated my sister back in high school, and it was alright. They would do bf/gf things for a while, then I'd get to steal him for bro time. It was kind of a convenient situation actually lol.

  • It would be too weird but I would try to be cool with it if my sister is seriously into the guy.


What Guys Said 1

  • I am not cool with guys dating my sisters, especially my friends.