Guys, would this bother you? Is it a deal breaker?

okay so 3 or 4 months ago I was in a really bad car accident. Three of my back molars got cracked and so I have to get them removed and replaced but the replacement costs too much. So I couldn't afford it, I do plan on getting them replaced in a couple of years but for now but for now I just have to wait. Till then, would it bother you when kissing it girl? Would you feel it or not?


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  • well i was and still am a huge sugar freak. so i had to take out a few of my back molars out. i would like to think that having it cracked from a car accident is more acceptable than getting huge cavities cause you hated brushing teeth as a kid lol
    well ex just laughed cause one side of my face was droopy and i was drooling that whole day. still kissed me. not full on make out... i would never do that to him!!
    well i never got the implants cause it cost way too much. by now, they all shifted in the back :( so if i planned to get it done, id need braces too. dont wait too long or yours will shift too! well bf knows about it and he has felt it up. didn't bother him at all.


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  • I would imagine you'd be bothered by them whenever eating anything acidic or with lots of sugar in it (like fruit). But it shouldn't affect kissing. If a guy is touching your teeth, he's doing something wrong.

  • Wouldn't bother me. I doubt they would be able to feel it. If they did, I don't think they would even know what it was. Its not big deal at all.

  • If they are digging their tongue into your back molars, you probably won't enjoy kissing them because they're definitely doing something wrong. I wouldn't notice.


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