Could anyone here really get over someone by dating someone new?

Could you get over the feelings -memories you had with a special ex by getting to know someone else? How did you feel at the beginning? Could you develope feelings for the new partner by time? Did you have some break downs to the past at the first months of dating the new gf/bf? , please help , it has been 10 months now after me and my boyfriend broke up , I still have feelings for him , and I didn't really forget him , I just got used to it and not as attached as before , there is very nice-goodlooking guy , who really likes me and wants to do anything to make me happy , I started seeing and talking to him abit more , but I still think about my ex at times , and sometimes it feels so awkward to me knowing am talking to X now , while I am used to talking to Y , has anybody here been in this situation before? Then what happened?

well , i dont really love him still , i just remember everything happened , and i still wonder what could have happened , is that means that i still should wait to see the other guy ?


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  • Dating someone new will NOT help you get over someone who you still have deep feelings for. You have to be able to let that go first, and that takes time, but it also takes conscious effort as well.

    Dating someone new CAN help you get over being ALONE, or to get past a breakup where you weren't in love anymore, but you still cared about them as a friend. That's not the same thing as the question being asked, but many use this type of situation to give a "yes" answer when it really isn't applicable.


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  • i think its difficult for girls to get over what they knew, a guy on the other hand will easily get over an ex after getting to know the new girl and if everything goes well

    • not always true , if he truly loved her , then it takes guys time too , my ex who i am still attached to in a way , couldn't get over me for 7 months too , although he was sleeping around a lot and hanged out a lot with different girls , now i dont really know , i haven't heard from him for a time :( , and i dont really want to imagine him inlove with someone else, it shakes my heart

    • sleeping around doesn't count, im more talking about commitment with someone new or better, why did you break up? if you dont mind me asking

    • we broke up because we had to be in a long distance relationship for 2 more years , with only seeing each other for 2 weeks every 5 months

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  • It's called a rebound and those usually backfire on people

  • I think its imperative to get over one person before dating another.