Girlfriend is upset at the way I asked her out?

So I asked out my girlfriend in person over lunch 3 months ago. She recently found out how I asked my girlfriend before her and got upset at me. I asked out my last girlfriend on the 5th because her birthday was February 5th and mine was August 5th so it seemed reasonable to wait until the 5th of December . We went out on seven dates before I made her official. I made her a build a bear and named it either love or forever in japanese. I surprised her at the mall I would of waited longer but I heard she was having a bad day already. There was her favorite chocolate and stuffed animal. My ex found out from I have no idea where and got upset at me. Saying I mean nothing to her and that I don't respect her.


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  • That would be upsetting to some girls who can be high maintnence but just do something special for her. It doesn't have to be expensive you can make it yourself if you want. For example I'm very good at drawing so I took all my boyfriends favorite movie and tv show characters and I drew them. He loved it. You just have to be creative

    • I need a girl who isn't high maintenance and can cook for guys night without worrying about breaking a nail. Special? I take her out to dinner and movies. Since none of us can cook.

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    • I want a girlfriend that resembles my ex but I don't want my ex back haha my ex cleaned, cooked, dedicated, didn't care how she looked infront of me, wasn't afraid to be a little disguisting, eats a lot infront of me, drinks beers, did sports and was able to keep herself occupied during guy nights while keeping us fed.

    • Well if you want all that and your current girlfriend doesn't do that then go out and find a girl who does

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  • Do something special for her, and of course she will find out because her and her friends will ask about you and research you on the internet. Just saying.

    • So her friends are stalkers. She is high maintenance and insecure... If I'm getting this right.

    • Well yea, Most girls are and they are very dramatic see you may think i'm crazy but I don't hang out with girls so that means I have no girls who are my friends all my friends are guys yup guys

  • Well, in comparison to what you did with the last girl, you asking her out over lunch was on a much smaller scale. But, if I were you, I would just do something fun and unique for her so she would feel appreciated and special too.

    • I didn't want to do the same mistake. Spend over 100 on a girl and for it to all go to waste. I will pay for meals and stuff but present wise I don't want to spend a lot.

    • You dont have to spend a lot just to do something special for someone. Early in my relationship with my boyfriend, he went and visited his family and brought me back a keychain with a cartoon character on it I loved. Coincidentally, he had that key chain for 20 years. He gave it to me and put little trickets representing love, wealth, luck etc inside it. He gave it to me and it was the sweetest things someone has done for me. It cost him zero dollars to do that. So you could do a number of things. Be creative.

  • Oh boy. She sounds very high maintenance and insecure... also shame on the person who told her, girls are sensitive and can twist these situations around in their head. Like she is.

    • High maintenance? I call for dumping time. My ex was laid back, considerate of money and did not care for any material stuff.

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  • Wow, she sounds a little high maintenance. She said that you mean nothing to her? Or that she feels like she means nothing to you?

    • She said that she feels like she means nothing to me