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My old girlfriend that I went out with for a year and I are still friends, Every time we talk we somehow get into the sexual convos we had when we were dating, I don't like that I want to be over her and stop that kind of talk without hurting her because I think she still "loves me" (I broke up with her) can anyone help me with this problem?


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  • i think telling her is the best bet... if you still want to be friends with her that's fine, just tell her you want to be friends and only friends so you need to stop having these sexual convos because it will be easier to get over each other if you stick to normal conversations...

    • Might be an argument considering she gets p*ssed when I don't tell her that l like someone. But thanks I'll try your approach.


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  • If you think that the conversation is going to lead into a sexual conversation

    then try changing the subject,

    or try distancing yourself .

  • The only real way to end it is to verbally end it. You need to tell her. She won't get it otherwise, being that she is still hoping, and that will cloud her mind from seeing the truth.


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