Where we can go for "our first date"?

I met this guy on an online dating site. We have been talking for a couple of days now. We both go to the same university, and actually we were in the same group during the "welcome week" of our university (that was long time ago).

He wants to meet but I have no idea where to go. He suggested to go to a bar or maybe for a coffee, but I was thinking more in going to the movies and then go for a drink maybe?

So any other ideas?


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  • Always go somewhere public on your first few dates with strangers.
    Try a coffee date or something. I find with movies that although it's a public place you don't really get to chat a lot to that person coz you're trying to watch what's going on.
    Coffee dates are light and casual, can talk and enjoy a drink.

    It doesn't really matter though up to you if you prefer going to the movies first, sure tell him that. I'm sure he's happy to go along with what you pick. :)


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  • Coffee dates are good for a first meeting. It's casual, doesn't cost a lot of money, and if it doesn't go that well you're not committed to spending a lot of time with that person.

  • Bar = fuck at end. Movie = casual time. Now choose


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  • Go somewhere public for your first date. And I wouldn't suggest a movie. Go somewhere that will give you guys a chance to talk, after all you are still getting to know each other.